This week’s theme for The Bloom Forum‘s 52 Project was newness.  I wasn’t able to get home from work in time to get any amazingly creative images this week, but I did shoot this image of the bricks in front of our new apartment in Charleston, SC.  I really loved the color and texture of them, so I thought it might work for this week’s theme.  I love all the “new” old features our apartment offers!  Even if it’s truly old, it’s still new to me!

Not the most creative post, I admit.  I’m still trying to get settled into life down here, but the boxes don’t seem to be unpacking themselves.  Hmm.  I promised my camera that we’d spend some quality time together this weekend, so hopefully next week’s post will give you all something more exciting to look at :)  Now please head on over to Gretchen Ceranic’s blog of This Little Life Photography to see her take on newness!