This week’s theme for The Bloom Forum’s 52 Project was pretend.  Sometimes when I photograph shelter dogs, it’s easy.  Most of the time, however, it’s not.  A lot of the dogs are scared and confused just being at the shelter.  Then add in a stranger with a big black box, making all sorts of weird noises… it can be too much for some dogs.

This is Baxter, a Jack Russell Terrier mix that I photographed at my local animal shelter on Saturday morning.  I love finding these “outtakes” when I get home and this one just screamed “pretend” to me.  He’s just closing his eyes and pretending he’s somewhere else… or that I’m not there.  Whatever.  I felt so bad for Baxter, since he was shaking so hard and did not want to look at me.  In the end, I got some good photos of him for the website, but this image really sums everything up.

Now please go check out Gretchen Ceranic | Central Florida Photographer to see what she came up with this week.  Happy Friday!